Welcome to the future of teaching, learning, and employment. Promising People brings together a new way of teaching that gives every individual looking for a fresh start the promise for a brighter future.


It takes an average of eight months for an electrical helper to gain skills and confidence in the field...

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Why Promising people

our motivation for the mission

Everyone deserves a second chance at life. Promising People allows people to transition into a career that is in demand regardless of their circumstances. Due to retiring craftspeople and post-Great Recession career switches, today’s skilled trades workforce is declining. However, with the last wave of Baby Boomers set to retire in 2029, retirees are outpacing the incoming skilled trade workforce creating an opportunity for tradespeople to find in-demand jobs that could lead to reliable, long-term, well-paying careers. Our program helps those struggling to find meaningful employment by giving them the skills they need to become a tradesperson in a highly sought-after field.

Current job openings in the electrical job market

The average yearly salary for an electrician helper
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The percentage of firms struggling to fill crucial skilled trade positions
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A Learning Experience

designed around your needs

We’ve created a unique learning experience we call the Promising People Learning Platform built on Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content. Our learning program delivers a self-paced training curriculum for trade occupations that allows anyone, anywhere, the ability to earn an entry-level certification. After completing the program, students have the option to be hired by Promising People Placement, LLC to make a competitive wage working for a company that offers excellent growth potential and the opportunity for a paid apprenticeship.


trade educational learning platform

Skilled trade positions are in extremely high demand. Sought after expertise in the skilled trades and a shortage of people in the field leads to high demand. Promising People is paving the way to provide the opportunity for career security and upward economic mobility. Our virtual education platform is ideal for:

  • People who are visual learners that may have learning disabilities
  • People who learn better hands-on and struggle with reading and writing
  • People who need to focus without distractions or struggle with paying attention for long periods
  • People who have a hard time making traditional education work because of access, schedule, current living situation, or other circumstances
  • People who are currently incarcerated or in a recovery program