Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves a fulfilling, secure career. Our mission is to empower individuals worldwide by providing the knowledge and necessary skills for new job opportunities using virtual, digital, and hands-on tools.

Our Vision

To empower employers, educators and correctional organizations with immersive and interactive learning solutions that prepare people for the demands of the modern workforce with unmatched efficiency.

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Promising People Enterprises, LLC

Parent company for the following Promising People ventures

Promising People Enterprises, LLC. comprises several companies formed to deliver learning technologies for trade skills using 3D video and VR systems and provide employment opportunities for qualifying students who have completed their certification through the Promising People program. Soon, we will establish centers to provide support for parolees.

Promising People, LLC

Promising People creates and delivers new learning technologies to develop pre-apprentice learning experiences for trade skills using the latest 3D video and Virtual Reality systems.

Promising People Placement, LLC

Promising People Placement provides employment for qualifying students that complete their certification through Promising People virtual coursework.

Promising People Missions, Inc.

Coming Soon! Promising People Missions will be a nonprofit entity that secures relationships with faith-based organizations to minister to those in need and provide support, counseling, and treatment.

Promising People Learning Centers, LLC

Coming Soon! Promising People Learning Centers will establish centers that provide learning solutions, accommodations, and parole management in areas not adequately serviced by current halfway houses.

Our Team

Meet the members of Promising People who are bringing our vision to life.

Dave Clark is a visionary with extensive experience as a successful real estate and property development entrepreneur. His creative thinking and problem-solving are what helped make Promising People a reality. Through adversity, Dave shifted his perspective to see what was truly important in life, and now one of his pursuits is helping others find a new perspective. The other is fishing!


CEO & Co-Founder

Claudia T. Pastorius, Esq. is an attorney admitted to the Florida Bar who has also completed international law programs in Costa Rica and Spain. Prior to becoming an attorney, she worked as a business consultant, specializing in sustainable systems design, and as a case manager working with high-risk youth. Also an artist, Claudia enjoys sponsoring the arts, surfing, and watching shuttle launches on the Space Coast.


General Counsel

Mike Hughes company, Hughes Consulting Services, LLC, is dedicated to ensuring that their clients achieve their business and financial goals. Mike has worked with Promising People from their inception, committed in faith to the mission that every person deserves the chance at a promising future. When not crunching numbers, Mike finds his peace in his family, the sound of the sea, and the occasional good read.


Chief Financial Officer

As a trained expert in phonetics, Cristal Clark serves as an Academic Coach and Reading Intervention Specialist, helping students experience the joy of reading and learning. Cristal's skills, input, and feedback are crucial to ensuring every lesson in our virtual reality learning platform is accessible to all students, regardless of their reading level. Her dedication and passion for her craft earned her a 2018/2019 Teacher of the Year award.


Director of Education & Literacy

Kathy Kozak is a natural-born leader with decades of management and mentoring experience under her belt. Her ability to empower and energize coworkers while keeping projects on task and under budget is her superpower. Kathy takes pride in helping others and sees each day as a new opportunity to learn and experience life to its fullest.


Director of Participant Engagement

Coming soon

CiCi Reidy

Director of Higher Education Engagement

Hector Maffia's down-to-earth teaching and leadership skills make him the perfect choice for his role with Promising People. His creative innovation and many years as an electrical journeyman helped create the learning content for our first curriculum. Hector believes life is the best teacher, so be open to learning and experience it all!


Director of Learning Content

Jim adds dimension to the production team with decades of experience in video and 3D production. His talent is vital in bringing to life footage in full 3D in the virtual reality world. Jim's passion for fully capturing this earth's natural beauty in all its glory led him into the 3D space. His obsession is our success!


Director of 3D Media and VR

Jamori Montgomery's expertise shines in his ability to tell stories through different mediums. Years in the military reflects in his discipline to his craft and his precision to detail. Whether it's on paper, on screen in black and white, or in color, Jamori believes life is about creating new ideas and sharing stories.


Director of Video Editing and Narration

Cory Bassett is a retired military veteran with an ongoing mission to positively impact humanity. Cory brings a wealth of leadership experience that transcends the typical demands of the role. With a proven track record, Cory is adept at driving projects toward optimal outcomes with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.


Technical Project Manager

Louis is a natural-born storyteller, problem-solver, and artist. These passions, coupled with his extensive background and experience as a Unity Engine software developer, make him a perfect fit for his role with Promising People. Committed to clean and scalable code, Louis enjoys collaborating with others on new and innovative projects that turn everyday ideas into exceptional software.

Louis getz

VR Developer

Gabriel is a talented Unity developer and game designer with a passion for technical and mechanical details. With a Bachelor of Applied Science in game development and interactive media, and over 7 years of experience, Gabe has amassed a broad set of skills ideal for the dynamic needs of virtual reality development making him a perfect fit for Promising People.

Gabriel Staffen

Unity Developer

Gary is an exceptional Technical Artist specializing in 2D/3D digital art, game development, UI/UX, and asset creation. Gary’s extensive educational background, layered with his technical expertise in art, equips him to shine while collaborating in every stage of product development. His passion for pushing creative boundaries in virtual and physical realms makes him the perfect fit for our team.

Gary elder

Artistic Director

Kris has an innate knack for spotting inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and errors. These strengths and his background and experience make him the perfect Quality Assurance Engineer for our team. Kris ensures our products meet top-quality standards for public release by collaborating closely with the development team. He identifies and monitors issues, coordinates testing activities, and conducts comprehensive manual tests for new code deployment.


Quality Assurance Engineer

With over 15 years of dedicated service in the realm of customer support and information technology, Alberto stands out because he is known for his unwavering compassion. He is a passionate advocate for our company's mission. This alignment of personal values with the company's mission not only makes him an asset to the customer service team but also a true ambassador of our brand.

Alberto Echeverri

Customer Service Manager

Chrissy is a dynamic professional with a multifaceted career in the realms of customer service, help desk management, training, and technical writing. Her commitment to integrity, excellence, and service, shaped by her years in the military, is evident. With a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences and a knack for making technical information user-friendly, she is a cornerstone of our customer support team.

chrissy homan

Customer Service Supervisor

John has spent decades designing and implementing electronic security and surveillance systems. That experience, and a degree in education, equips him to bridge the gap between education and technology. John is passionate about bringing people together to harness the advantages of our new cutting-edge learning technology. Beyond professional pursuits, John is a music enthusiast who loves sharing his passion with others.

John Sinclair


With over 15 years of dedicated service in the realm of customer support and information technology, Alberto stands out because he is known for his unwavering compassion. He is a passionate advocate for our company's mission. This alignment of personal values with the company's mission not only makes him an asset to the customer service team but also a true ambassador of our brand.

Alberto Echeverri

Customer Service Manager

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U.S. Acting Secretary of Labor Julie A. Su recognized Promising People as one of the 859 recipients of the 2023 HIRE Vets Medallion Award during a virtual award ceremony presented by the U.S. Department of Labor.

For more information about the program and the application process, visit HIREVets.gov

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