Promising People's Board of Directors

Every member of the Promising People's Board is dedicated to providing direction and guidance to accomplish our mission.

Richard Ungaro has worked at the senior executive level with numerous national brands, including Burger King, Wendy's, and Starbucks Coffee. His extensive knowledge and experience in strategic business planning, growth, and development will ensure the success of the Promising People's mission. He believes cultivating employee skills through cooperation and innovation creates a synergistic approach to success in any business.

Richard Ungaro

Chairman of the Board

Les Cowie developed innovative learning systems in South Africa for people with little to no educational prospects. His expertise has been vital in creating the integral learning system for the Promising People platform. His passion has always been to open up educational opportunities and help people develop skills to find gainful employment so they can, in turn, help others.

Les Cowie

Co-Founder - Board Member

Dave Clark is a visionary with extensive experience as a successful real estate and property development entrepreneur. His creative thinking and problem-solving are what helped make Promising People a reality. Through adversity, Dave shifted his perspective to see what was truly important in life, and now one of his pursuits is helping others find a new perspective. The other is fishing!

Dave Clark

Co-Founder - Board Member

Robin Cowie has worked in the tech, gaming, and entertainment industries for three decades. His experience transforming four startups into thriving businesses and knowledge of creating VR, AR, Mixed Reality, and other digital products have prepared him for his responsibilities at Promising People. Robin worked directly for numerous Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies and has a keen understanding of sales, marketing, and business development.

Robin Cowie

Board Member

David Barker has worn many hats as a former economist for the Federal Reserve, an adjunct university professor, and current partner in Barker Companies. His advice and economic analysis of the impact of skilled trades in our economy and their role in our economic well-being is a crucial stepping stone in the success of our mission and vision for Promising People. In addition, he serves on the Governor of Iowa's Rural Empowerment Initiative.

David Barker

Board Member

As a trained expert in phonetics, Cristal Clark serves as an Academic Coach and Reading Intervention Specialist, helping students experience the joy of reading and learning. Cristal's skills, input, and feedback are crucial to ensuring every lesson in our virtual reality learning platform is accessible to all students, regardless of their reading level. Her dedication and passion for her craft earned her a 2018/2019 Teacher of the Year award.

Cristal Clark

Board Member