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The Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) Program is the first step to earning a GED. The Promising People’s ATB Training program prepares you to pass the Accuplacer test at a 5th-grade level. We’ve designed this program to be self-paced in order to work around your work/life commitments. Once you’ve completed this program and pass the Accuplacer test at a 5th-grade level, you will be eligible to qualify for over $40,000 in higher education or vocational training Pell Grants. Promising People believes education and employment opportunities are fundamental human rights.

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It doesn’t matter if you never finished high school or attended college. Within you, there is untapped potential and a nourishing community that can help you harness it.

Your Story Is Your Secret Weapon and Education Unlocks It

Meet Vincente Waugh

Staying positive and “above the water” is hard work. It’s demanding emotionally, physically, and financially. In 2016, the EVAC Movement was founded by a woman named Amy Donofrio with the help of an all-male African American leadership class in Jacksonville, Florida. The class introduced students like myself to Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” – a 2,500-year-old philosophy piece about prisoners who had been chained in a cave since birth.

After reading this story, Ms. Donofrio challenged us to think about ways that we were held back by the chains of unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and our lives. I had to address the circumstances of my upbringing, understand that I was angry due to my inability to access resources, and then make a conscious effort to change the projected outcome of my life by altering my mindset and surrounding myself with people who were also “in the fight.”

Today, I will be sharing my story with you with the intent that it will help you get from where you find yourself today to a bright future that you can control and personalize to your needs and vision of a successful life.

My story starts in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was born to a family of immigrants that migrated to the United States of America to pursue a better life. After moving to Jacksonville, Florida, I attended Robert E. Lee High School, recently renamed Riverside High. While studying at Lee, I faced many challenges that eventually led me to be temporarily homeless and simultaneously pursue my education despite the obstacles that never seemed to stop coming.

At that time, I kept my clothes in the trunk of my friend’s car, slept under a bridge, attended school after working until 3 AM, went to wrestling practice to release the built-up tension, and repeated this cycle over and over again every day. As a young person with an intense desire to succeed, this taught me invaluable lessons about perseverance that were often preached to me by my mother (who at that time had no high school education) and my father (who had to give up on his dreams of attending college to work a trade and support his family).

Based on the cards I was dealt, I could never have imagined the reality I have been fortunate enough to experience over the past three years. In 2019, I spoke at the White House three times along with my classmates and shared my perspective on the need to shift the world’s view of “at risk” individuals to “at hope.”

In addition, I took the time to learn about cryptocurrencies and the stock market, which helped me generate enough funds to cover my daily expenses and fund my entrepreneurial ventures. Thanks to the support of the EVAC Movement team and mentors that I found along the way, I have been fortunate enough to:

  1. Be a contributing writer to a book published by the Harvard Review
  2. Serve on the Mayor’s Youth Council and be a voice for Jacksonville youth
  3. Develop an NFT project that raises money for “at hope” youth (DreamCrazyJits)
  4. Launch an educational initiative in collaboration with the City of Jacksonville that will teach Jacksonville residents about digital currencies and electronic payments
  5. Work hand in hand with the Promising People team as an advisor and liaison on behalf of individuals like yourself who are starting a new chapter of life.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of the blessings that have come my way, I hope that it serves as inspiration for you, especially if you are wrestling with self-doubt and unworthiness, because I personally know how that feels. Therefore, as you embark on this journey of further education through Promising People’s Ability to Benefit Program, I urge you to remember that your story is your secret weapon, and education is the mechanism that can unlock your untapped potential.

Once you pass the Accuplacer Test, you will be eligible to qualify for Pell grants that can be used to pay for your education. You can use these funds to pursue a college education or vocational training.

With that being said, remember that you are not “in the fight” alone and that there are genuine people cheering you on as you pave the way and write your new story. You are not defined by the actions of your past or the circumstances into which you were born. Education is the ultimate equalizer, and I hope you consider enrolling in this program so I can hear your success story.
I’ll see you on your road to your authentic self.

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Meet Our Instructor

Cristal Clark

Intervention specialist,
Teacher of the Year

Educational Intervention Specialist Cristal Clark teaches the Promising People Ability-to-Benefit Training Program. Cristal worked in the Orange County, Florida Public School system and earned a Teacher of the Year award because of her efforts in teaching students to read. As a fifth-grade teacher and trained phonetics expert, she realized her students’ challenges. As a result, she was asked to be an Academic Coach and Reading Intervention Specialist for the lowest 25% of students with reading difficulties. She enjoys working with students to improve their academics and help them experience the joy of reading and learning.

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